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My mortgage was transferred to them and that should be the only reason anyone ever has a mortgage with them. I have three different properties two of them are with Navy Federal and do not get traded to other mortgage companies.

I am in the military and although my wife is on the deed she at the time had no income due to the move so there was no reason to have her on the loan. She handles all of the bills because I am often deployed. She was given authorization to do whatever she needed to with the previous company, however when it was transferred they wouldn't even talk to her. The problem with this was I had no way to fix it.

It wouldn't have been an issue if they were even halfway decent at their jobs. We received a check from the previous company that was the remainder of the escrow that now needed to be sent to PHH. My wife did this and used all of the voucher documents provided by PHH to ensure that it was applied to the Escrow, but of course they applied it all to the principle. So my wife called to try to correct their mistake, but was unable to talk to them.

I finally managed a three-way call from the crap location I was, but they panicked and said they couldn't talk to me if someone else could hear. The problem is she is the one that knows what's going on, not me. "We are sorry sir. You can mail in a written authorization for her" Yeah but where I am at that would take a month to reach you and judging by your performance you would most likely lose it anyway.

Finally through a duel phone conversation of them talking to me and me talking to my wife I got them to see what they did wrong, everything was they said.

I now find out it's still incorrect. It is apparent they do not care about the customers, just the money we provide them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Phh Mortgage Mortgage.

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