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I may have a class action attorney, please email me at Please include a brief description of what PHH has done to you, missing payments, fees, foreclosure, evictions. We fought PHH for eight years, attorneys, the AG's offices in NJ and MI, we had proof of payment and PHH created fraudulent documents, anything you may have to prove fraud, missing payments, fees. PHH has blocked my phone number, does that tell you... Read more

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Horrible service I even went to my loan officers boss and he was no help!!! I need someone above both of them to finish my loan now. I will never recommend this company and if someone does have them I will tell them to switch immediately!!!! Read more

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Horrible company! Liars! Should not be in business. Add comment


Got my statement today & they completely messed up the payment & charged me a Drive By Inspection Fee. When I questioned the Customer Service Agent she said that they do it because of the market! I said "I am NOT paying for someone to DRIVE BY my home without my knowledge"! How the heck do we have to pay for this? Another load of *** from PHH. They mishandled my payment and now my statement says I am one month behind! These people are... Read more

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PHH Mortgage is handling our HSBC loan - all the paperwork says HSBC but it's PHH's number on the HSBC letterhead. They have an auto-dialler that rings 10-12 times a day; half the time there is no one there when I pick up. It's endlessly infuriating to try to get an answer about anything. They say they'll fix an error but then don't. I'll hang up from talking with an agent and then get a call from other one minutes later, to hound me for a... Read more

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If there was a way to give negative stars, believe me I would (and I don't review companies on a regular basis) Our mortgage was recently purchased by PHH Mortgage. Our normal payment is about $1,700 per month. We set up direct deposit last month giving PHH permission to take out that amount each month for our mortgage payment. This morning they withdrew $3,796.61 without our permission. We spoke to their "customer service" and they couldn't... Read more

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Well it happened, PHH managed to evict us after 8yr of fighting with these criminals. That was in January, the judge sided with PHH also, I stood there with payment proof in hand, told me we should have had an attorney. So, I'm taking my anger to the news, investigators, other PHH victims. With the help of our local news investigator, we found a mortgage spreadsheet showing fraudulent activity during a time when we with Chase Bank, showing... Read more

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This is not a knock against PHH, Just as any other major company problems will occur. I've worked in and out of mortgage companies only to realize. Borrowers get so caught up in home ownership. They do not realize. This company is governed by the government. Human error will occur, Technical issues will occur. Yet, In america there is no such thing as ignorance to law. As, I stated I've worked in the mortgage industry. I've seen it first hand.... Read more

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I did a refinance with HSBC and PHH Mortgage Services in 2015. It has been a truly horrible experience. I was lied to and deceived on many occasions. Trying to deal with anyone there is impossible. They never know they either don't answer their phone or don't know the answer or transfer you to another department. Any way they know how they avoid taking care of the issue and their customer. Please do yourself a favor and do NOT deal with this... Read more

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We began a loan modification nine years ago due to the major illness and care needed for an elderly parent with Alzheimer's. Worst experience of our lives. PHH told us to miss 2 to 3 payments in order to qualify for the modification. That turned out to be a lie and then they tried to foreclose three times all with NO notification to us. Spent thousands on attorney's fees, medical bills etc. The stress of this situation has left us both with... Read more

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